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At Slick Surveys we aim to bring you the best trained and tested engineers London has to offer so simple mistakes can be ruled out.



Slick surveys has had a major role to play in some of the most prestigious building schemes in the country and this has been possible due to our quality relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on our portfolio and our exposure on such challenging and advanced projects places us at the forefront of Land, Construction and Engineering Surveying. Here are some examples of our work around London.
Lingfield epilepsy centre
Middlesex University Hendon
Willexden green Library
New Forum Hemel Hamsted





Work carried out by our engineers

Here are a few simple pics of jobs our engineers are on at the moment explaining their role in the process of each pic.

Here we can see a ground floor slab ready to be poured with drainage pop ups set out correctly.

The started bars for the wall would have also been set out and the edge of slab for the side shutter to be put in place.

This is an example of a pile cap.
Our engineer would have set out the piles the cap would be sitting on gave cut off levels of the piles set out the position of the pile cap and starter bars and finally cubed the concrete to be poured.

This is an example of steel frame building foundations. This pic shows a pile cap with holding down bolts tied into the steel and cast in with concrete. The bolts would have been set out to a 5mm tolerance in height and position.

This is an example of sheet piling where our engineer would have given all lines and levels of the sheet piles (eg. For a basement wall)

This is an example of a lift shaft. Our engineers would have set out the lift shaft. Ordered and checked all steel involved. Set out doors and boxouts. Gave levels for pour with or without kicker. Gave levels of connie bar.

Here is a side view through a concrete frame which our engineers would have given all levels. Set out all columns walls slab edge box outs etc. our engineers would have ordered and checked all steel and cubed all concrete to be used.

Here is an example of a ground floor slab with all drainage in. we can see starters for columns and a lift shaft and ready to be set out and poured.